Board Of Directors

About the Board

Roseau Electric Cooperative is organized as a cooperative and is owned by its members. The membership elects a board of directors to represent them in the operation of the cooperative.

The board hires a general manager to carry out the daily operations of the cooperative. The board is comprised of nine member-directors, one from each director districts. Directors are elected to three-year terms according to the provisions in the bylaws.

Regularly scheduled board meetings are held in Roseau at the cooperative office starting at 9:00 a.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

Board Members

Roger Amundson
Director District 5
Wes McFarlane
Secretary- Treasurer
District 2
Shawn Gust
Director District 8
Dale Moser
Director District 3
Mike Wahl
Director District 7
Edward Walsh
Director District 6
Mark Sax
Chairman District 9
James Hallan
Vice Chairman
District 1
Brian Grafstrom
Director District 4