Long Distance Telephone

Long Distance Service From Your Cooperative!

Roseau Electric Cooperative is your source for electricity and many other services, including long distance telephone service! In an effort to provide more choices for its consumers with common billing, your cooperative now offers the following low-cost long distance plan:

Contact Peggy Sue today!

Roseau Electric Cooperative        
Peggy Sue Bergstrom        
PO Box 100        
Roseau, MN 56751      
Phone: 218-463-1543 or 888-847-8840        

Long distance provided by
Lambeau Telecom Company who
may be reached at 1-800-444-4014.       

  • 9.9 cents/minute anywhere in the continental United States and at any time!
  • Statewide calling only 20.9 cents
  • Calls rated in 6-second increments (after first 18 seconds)
  • Local contact person
  • $2.85 monthly fee
  • No minimum usage
  • No hidden costs
Additional Offerings:
  • Personal 800 numbers
  • Great International Rates (Canada 10 cents/minute)