Distributed Generation Interconnection

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In some cases, cooperative members and patrons may become interested in installing their own electric power generation equipment. In these cases, Roseau Electric Cooperative stands ready to work with you to ensure that your generation equipment is installed in a proper and safe manner, and in accordance with all applicable codes, standards, regulations, laws and insurance requirements. Roseau Electric Cooperative has updated the Distributed Generation/Net-Metering Policy to reflect the adoption of the Cooperative Minnesota Distribution Energy Resources Interconnection Process (C-MIP). In most cases, you will also need to coordinate the installation and approval of your electric power generator with the state electrical inspector. Ensuring your safety, that of electrical utility workers and the public is of the utmost importance regarding generator systems.

If you’re a member and are interested in interconnected solar or wind generation, call Roseau Electric Cooperative at 218-463-1543 or 1-888-847-8840. Understand that there are rules concerning proper equipment, safety, liability and energy reimbursement. Please contact us before you start your project.

In order to be compliant, you must complete and return several documents for review and approval. As detailed on the C-MIP process, the specific documents and process is determined by the type and size of equipment you are planning to interconnect. Please look over the following documents and call with any questions you may have.

The Interconnection Process Overview document can be a starting point to determine the appropriate path. For most small inverter-based systems with the capacity of 20 kW or less, the Simplified Process would apply; most small solar systems are in the category. Then the appropriate “Application for Interconnection” for a distributed energy resource (DER) is the starting point to gather technical and safety information about your planned installation. The 20 kW or less systems using the simplified process have a non-refundable $100 application fee.  Systems greater than 20 kW or those that require other than the Simplified Process, have a base fee, plus a per kW amount. Systems requiring engineering studies or changes to the distribution system may have other fees. There will be a commissioning fee.

Our engineering department will review and evaluate the collected information to determine that utility safety and operation standards are met. Any interconnection issues that engineering determines are present must then be addressed.

After the Application is approved, the Cooperative Uniform Contract for net energy billing DER systems must be completed and signed. Proof of Liability Insurance must be provided and kept up to date. The installation must be commissioned and safety inspections completed by the cooperative and State Electrical Inspector.

Roseau Electric Cooperative's documents related to Distributed Generation (DG) are available here: