Report An Outage

It's difficult, perhaps almost impossible in some cases, to live without electricity in today's world. That's why Roseau Electric Cooperative does everything possible to keep the lights on and to restore service as soon as possible. By being prepared and informed, you can assist us in restoring power in the most timely manner possible.

Roseau Electric Cooperative's phones are answered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When the office is closed, a highly qualified answering service takes your call and reports the outage to appropriate crews. In the event of a widespread outage during non-business hours, office personnel are called in to answer the phones. Should you find the phone lines busy, please be patient. We will answer your call as promptly as possible.

Report an Outage

Call Roseau Electric Cooperative
for 24-hour power outage repair
at 888-847-8840

What To Do If Your Power Goes Out
  1. Wait a few minutes to see if the power will come on by itself.
  2. It it does not, call your neighbors to see if they are off too.
  3. If they are off too, report that when you call your Cooperative about the outage.
  4. If your neighbors are not out of power, check your fuses or circuit breakers both in the house and on the meter pole (if you have fuses and breakers there). This is an important step because if you call the Cooperative and the problem causing the outage is on your side of the meter, you will be billed for the service call. Calls after regular business hours will be billed at overtime service call rates.
  5. If the fuses or breakers are good, report the outage by calling (888) 847-8840. You will be asked for your meter number, your full name and the name we have on our records for the account. If you have some idea what may have caused the outage, please give this information also.

It is also important to report an outage during or after a major storm, even if you think the Cooperative should know of your outage. Be patient, but check back after a couple hours if the power hasn't been restored.

How Can I Be Prepared For An Outage?
  • Make sure you have at least one good flashlight. Better yet, make sure there's a flashlight on every floor of your home and one for each family member. Make sure the batteries are fresh.
  • Place Roseau Electric Cooperative's (888) 847-8840. outage number near your telephone.
  • Have a battery-powered radio with the appropriate batteries ready. If the outage is a lengthy one, radio reports will be issued regularly.

Important: If you or someone you know depends on electrically operated medical equipment, coordinate an emergency plan with friends and relatives.  Have back-up power if you need it and make sure the power company is aware of your situation so they can flag your account and put you on a priority power restoration list when possible.